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seeking advise-transfer from the ground

Hi everyone,

On the spur of a moment I started my “bonsais” from seeds years ago (4-6years). Some Japanese maples, Black pine, Chinese elm, Quince, Silk tree, Olive…
I kept them in pots bringing them out in the spring and in for the winter (but not in a cold and dark place). So when the new leaves emerge in the winter months I was just piking them off until it is spring time.
Repot, fertilize and wire them here and there, reading about the art of bonsai, but not following any guidance or rules…just keeping them alive and waiting …I don't know what….Practically torturing them, but they survive for years.
Actually, they never had a real dormancy period until last winter (2012) when I put them in the basement room. And what a surprise (silly me) my Quince which was having every year 2 blossoms at the same spot, last season had more, bloomed twice (in spring and in fall) and had two little quinces which survived for two weeks.

This winter for the first time I put most of my “bonsais” in the ground. I took then out of from the pots, bury and cover them with leaves hopping they survive.
I live in Long Island, NY and this winter was kind of too long. Today when I check them I saw that they have tiny leaves and when I uncover the Quince I find out that she is ready to bloom.

My question is :Is it going to be safe to transfer them into pots ?
Do I transfer them now, especially the Quince or it is too late and just leave them in the ground until…when?

Thank you for your time

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If you, when when you transfer, take all or most of the root, there should be no problem setting them into pots, without the fruit dropping. This is the start weather in which they can be left outside. why not wait until fall to lift them.


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Now is as good a time as any to dig trees for bonsai. Do you have dedicated soil to use for them?

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