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How to repair my lawn??

I live in Portland, OR. I have a lawn in backyard which doesnt get much sun (shade from home and trees). snow this winter has made it worse.

It looks like Grub infested with most of the lawn being pretty patchy. (see pic) - Can you provide expert opinion on how to get my lawn back in shape. My Plan/Questionsare follows - appreciate your input..

1. In april 1stweek , I am thinking to apply Bayer Advanced 24 hr Grub Killer Plus - Granular or Scotts Grub-Ex - Granular and wait 1 week to kill the existing grubs.
2. In second week..for the patches, apply topsoil+compost -> Buy some shade lawn seeds and overseed .,
3. Fertilize and water.

Will this plan work? Can you guys recommend specific fertilizers or methods that will help for my situation.. (I am not sure if the lawn has good irrigation -how can I check?)

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Re: How to repair my lawn??

I had the same problem a couple years ago and after some research used a product called Milky Spore and had very good luck with it! Its available from and is fairly easy to apply, If you apply the Scotts and it has weed and feed in it I don't think its going to let the new seed germinate.
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