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Indoor Large Cactus Please Help

Hi green thumbers,

I have always been facinated with cacti and I would like to purchase one for myself. My parents had a very large cactus in their home for years and years that did well so I know that despite living in Boston this desert plant can survive! Can someone please help me with what species of cactus I should be looking to purchase?

Ideally here is what I want:

A cactus that can be grown indoors in a southeast facing window. Looking for a large plant that will grow vertically. I am open to all sorts of kinds of cacti, but definitely want big and tall. Im looking to buy one that starts at 2-3 feet and I will be able to keep it for years and have it grow under my care. If anyone has any direction to point me in terms of species that may fit my needs, or a recommended website in which to order this plant that would be fantastic.

Thank you! and don't prick your green thumbs!!

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Re: Indoor Large Cactus Please Help

South is the best direction for cacti and plants in general, to face. West is the next best direction.

You don't necessarily, need to order a cactus from a website. Have you looked in garden centres? Some other kinds of shops also sell them.

Although it is a small cactus, Opuntia microdasys is very easy to keep. There are other types of Opuntia that are much bigger. You could try keeping one of those.

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Re: Indoor Large Cactus Please Help

I suggest you get a Columnar Cactus or a Echinocactus Grusonii



If you want bigger ones than these, you'd have to be really good at growing cacti.

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Re: Indoor Large Cactus Please Help

Most cacti of the type you describe are slow growers but if you have the patience to wait for them. I think this Espostoa Lanata would be a good one.

It grows upright slowly and is cold hardy to -12 degrees. It needs a lot of light so if you do not have a sky light additional lighting will help it along. ... lanata.htm
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Re: Indoor Large Cactus Please Help

Check out this 8 cactus assortment. Do a Google search for each type of cactus and see what you think. ... 1558.l2649

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