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How do I properly cut/trim bushes?

We bought our house a few years ago. The previous owner had planted some roses, and a couple of more things. Last year got away from us and now they are a little out of control. Can anyone point me in the right direction to start my upkeep?

The last pic is just so you can see how it sits to the house. I just want to know how to cut/shape them properly, as we have never done this before.


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The ornamental grass should be totally cut down, close to ground level, now before it starts growing again.

I'm not sure what the other bushes in the pictures are and it makes a difference to when and how you prune them. But they look like they have been well cared for in the past. One thing you always want to do is leave them wider at the base (as they are) and narrowing a bit toward the top. If you cut them into spheres (widest at the middle) or leave them wider at the top, then the leaves at the base get shaded and die out. Eventually you end up with bare sticks at the bottom, not a good look.

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