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tiger bark tips


New to the forum. I am looking for a bit of tips on what to do with my tiger bark tree.

I got this tree 2 years ago and did not really take care of it the first year so it lost most of its leaves.

After learning how to water it half of it came back to life grew a decent amount and I cut back a lot of the leaves.

Now I live in a new house it is the winter it is a little sensitive and seems like some of the leaves are turning yellow so I have not really figured out the best watering pattern (slowly learning)

My question is based on my pictures what do you suggest I do to the tree? What kind of cut would be good right now since this might be a good time just before the summer to start shaping it.

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Re: tiger bark tips

Figs are pretty forgiving. This tree does not look potbound (a good thing)

It does look like it was last repotted with soiless mix, which has very low fertility and very small particle size.

Trees need a greater amount of air to penetrate soil, loess or peat based soiless mixes, tend to drown trees.

I think you want to get some cactus mix, or mix up some of your own dedicated bonsai soil.

I think too you will want to learn how to use a chop stick to test for watering needs. And get your fig some supplimental light till it can go outside May to October.

Once your tree is repotted and moved outdoors for a few weeks you can start to fertilize at 1/4 strength with soluble fertilizer every other week.

I'm guessing here, next. Your tree is quite one sided. That could be from not rotating the side away from sunlight into sun, or from chilling the absent side. I can't say which. Figs are trees of the tropics, and leaves (and even branches) will die back from chilling.

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