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Underwatering? Juniper Bonsai


I have a juniper bonsai tree that doesn't seem to be healthy. Having gone on a 2 1/2 week vacation the tree was left in someone else's care along with instructions on how to properly care for it. I don't think they did I good job because the tree looks brown on the branches where they attach to the trunk, and the leaves are dry and crunchy, and break off really easily.

Is it possible that it wasn't watered enough? Or is this something else.

Thank you :D

In response to more information:

The tree is fairly young. I have only owned it for about 5 months now. I know that bonsai do better outside, but here in Maryland, USA the outside temp is 18 degrees F or -8 C.

The tree is actually my friends that we brought it over to my house because it was looking sick and we thought it wasn't getting enough sunlight. I have another juniper (given to me at the same time and from the same place as the one in question) that is very healthy. :)

I keep them in a well lit area that gets 5-6 hours of sunlight (a lot considering it's winter). Also the inside temperature is around 66 F or 19 C. This being said the tree in question was not kept in these conditions (moved over here two days ago), but in a place with lower light and dryer air.
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Re: Underwatering? Juniper Bonsai


Can you tell us more Please. ... 36&t=21636

Know that Junipers are especially ill suited to indoor culture. This forum is littered with tales of woe concerning indoor Junipers.

About yours specifically, older needles (inner ones) will drop at some point, this is natural. You may make it till spring if you are lucky. At this time it should go outside never to return indoors.

Forgive me if I have made and erroneous assumption.


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