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My willow tree is loosing its leaves.

I am curious if anyone can explain why my willow that is three years old and had phenominal growth in the spring now has its leaves turning yellow and falling off. I live in Los Angeles county in California. Please help. There is plenty of water.

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Hi :D

I know it sounds silly when talking about Willows and too much water but this could be the problem. If there is so much water in the ground that it is sitting in water this can produce anaerobic growing conditions that mean your Willow is waterlogged and the roots may be rotting.
If this is not the case then check for fungus at the base of the trunk. They are prone to honey fungus infection. Any plant infected will do an amazing show before showing symptoms of stress.
Have you checked for pests? The only pest that causes leaf yellowing is the lace bug. Usually found under the leaf.

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