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A great addition to your garden

I am new to this forum... I am actually Solomon Yoons son he wanted me to advertise his product... My dad has been landscaping in the lower mainland (british columbia) for over 20 years... he started when he was really young and has a lot of experience... He began as a landscaper... planting plants... working on big projects such as townhouses and he does his own excavating.
However.. he wants to slow down and sell... so he thought about a new product relating to gardens... and he came up with the idea to make artificial rocks. the first time he used styrofoam covered with rocklike material to give a very realistic appearance but soon realized that it was still heavy... soon he decided to use fibreglass and the rocks now look and feel like a real rock but it is much lighter... the kind of thing you see used in hollywood movies. Anyways something good about the rock is the ability to move it easily... how many of you can actually buy a rock and order it to be dropped on your lawn? not too many.. and it also costs a lot... Well Solomon Landscaping sells them for really good prices.. you can buy at least 2 to 3 of these instead of a computer!... water fountains are also a specialty... electric water pumps are installed inside the rock and water flows out... custom rock shapes are also a specialty!!! if you need a certain size Solomon Landscaping can do just that. The rocks look very good in any garden... Solomon Landscaping also makes mini waterfalls for your garden... He does just about everything and the estimates are completely free! send an email to or for mor information
visit the website at

additional info
weight is no heavier than 100 lb unless you want a custom rock that is very very big
height is approx 5ftx21/2x3ft
colours vary from gray black and others upon request, special waterproof colours are used in making it
Solomon Landscaping has been sucessful due to the commitment in satisfying customers. garden maintenance has always been a must and is free.. so why not send an email to
Visit to see samples of rocks made in the past year, believe it or not Solomon Landscaping can make just about anything... He was in the BC homeshow in 2005 if any of you went there.
Solomon Landscaping is located in Surrey BC. Even if you think you are too far away don't worry Solomon Landscaping can still ship orders to you.
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Normally I would dump something like this, but you have been very upfront and honest about it and we have had some call for this (in the Japanese Garden Forum; you should study the Five Basic Stones for J-gardens...) so you get to stay. Good luck with this...


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