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Are my raspberry canes dying if they're brown & dry like

I'm a bit new to gardening. I'm trying to get a huge garden of raspberries going like my grandparents used to have for us. God I miss it. We were able to harvest them day and night.I know this will take years. So, I ordered my varieties from Burpee and planted them this spring. They seemed to be doing well. I saw 1-2 new canes coming up around the ones I planted. I see about 5 berries forming per cane. They haven't ripened yet. I know small amount, but I'm patient. They're about a foot and half high and as of past 4 days I noticed the leaves to be turning yellow and then I looked at the cane and it looks dry as a bone. What is happening? Am I losing my bushes? Will I get them back next year? I believe the soil is a bit sandy. They get a lot of sun. That's what I thought they liked. I water them occasionally. Any suggestions on what this is? I read some other post on how to take care of them and will follow that once they harvest. Thanks again for any input.

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