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Cauliflower in Winter?

Hello, I'm new to this forum and new to gardening, so perhaps some of you can help me out.
I was given some starter cauliflower plants in late August and they have grown well, but did not start producing heads until recently (within the last month). I think it is likely due to the extended summer temps we had here (I'm in Virginia). Currently I have a head about the size of a tennis ball and 4 or 5 more at about golf ball size and I would love to be able to harvest a few of them, but it's starting to get cold with frost on the horizon.
Is there anything I can do to help them continue to grow as temperatures drop? At least for another 2-3 weeks?
They are in an area of the yard that gets quite a bit of sun during the day if that helps at all. I would just hate to see them come this far only to lose them.
Thanks so much for any help!

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Re: Cauliflower in Winter?

You should be just fine. It is very cold hardy and frost tolerant and the sunny spot is perfect for it. I wouldn't bother to do anything until you are getting to hard freezes. If the night lows are predicted at 28 or below, I would cover it - hot caps or plastic over hoops or whatever. If you use transparent cover like that, be sure to take it off or open it up in the daytime, so you don't bake your plants.

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