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Help me! ficus ginseng bonsai is losing all leaves

Please help me! My recently purchased ficus ginseng bonsai lost half of its leaves over the weekend!

I bought it about a month ago, didn't water too much and already applied fungicide. I did spot tiny insects in the soil so i sprayed it with insecticide today. I added a picture of the leaves. The tree itself has about half of its leaves.
The leaves i picked up today !!
The leaves i picked up today !!
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Re: Help me! ficus ginseng bonsai is losing all leaves

Ficus are famous for dropping leaves like that, both bonsai and full size trees; they are very sensitive.

Anytime you move a ficus to a new location, it may result in dropping a bunch of leaves, or changes in temperature/ light. Indoors they need as much light as you can give it. The bugs you found could cause it. Build up of salts if you are watering with tap water can do it. Over or under watering can do it.

The good news is, if you figure out what the problem is and fix it, the tree should be fine. Since they drop their leaves so easily, they also readily recover from it.
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