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New to tomatos and Peppers

We have just planted our first small garden :D with some heirloom tomatoes and peppers. The plants seem to be doing well and the pepper plant has started to produce a large pepper but the plant is small and does not have much foliage. Should I remove the fruit so the plant its self will grow. There are many more flowers beginning to form. Also I read something about pruning tomato plants but don't have a clue how or it it is necessary.

Any help would be great.


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same here, peppers plants aren't very big and they are already will be interesting to hear what others think... :D

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HI! I might be able to help you with pruning tomatoes - if that is what you want to do. If you want the plant to branch out, then pinch the new tiny leaves growing between the branches and the stem - this allows for all the energy to go to producing fruit rather than to these offshoots. The reason I said if you want to do this is because some years I haven't and have let these offshoots grow then replanted some of them if they got out of hand and if there was a flower on the pruner growth it will produce a tomato as well in the same year. The offshoots are not always that strong so it may be best to pinch when you think about it. Try starting a few pruners as you pinch and see what happens. Hope this helps. :)

I checking for the answer to the peppers too...

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Me personally, I usually pinch early peppers and blooms alike off if the plant is still spindly and weak looking. I really couldn't tell you if it makes a difference or not - but it seems to make sense that if the plant isn't producing fruit, it will be producing foilage and growing larger. My pepper plants seem to be more productive when they get a little growth to them.

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Hello Veggylove,
And, Welcome to the forum.
I agree with Sungirl regarding pruning tomato's, if you want to. I have tried it and it works, however, it seems I always have more tomatos than I can use and give away, so I don't bother. With regards to the pepper plant, why don't you pick the pepper and eat it. Roger is right, peppers are going to produce until frost and now is a good time to let the plant put some growth on. I also grew up with my grandparents and was taught the satisfaction of growing our own food. Lots of fond memories. Good Luck and let us know how things go. Gardener Don

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No! don't pick it and eat it!!! I grew peppers last year and wasn't sure with my plant being so small and already having this great big thing on the side, i picked the small pepper- yuk! it was so bitter! This year i have left it, the plant and the pepper are growing, in height and width respectively, and they are fine! They just spawn early but your fine! Peppers are really easy, they dnt need much attention, just watering.

Hope they are ok :)

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