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What is this bush? Elderberry....wild grape???

There is a mysterious vine/bush growing on my chainlink fence... at first we thought grapes, but then it turns out they are tiny!! I thought grapes got bigger than this, so then I was wondering if it could be an elderberry, but the leaves look different.

What is it? what else could it be??



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Re: What is this bush? Elderberry....wild grape???

Maybe a Mohonia or Viburnum


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Re: What is this bush? Elderberry....wild grape???

I think this is Virginia creeper -- it's growing like ivy, right?
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Have you seen any -- what I call -- "Stealth Fighter" moths around?
(ACTUALLY Virginia creeper sphinx moth which uses Virginia Creeper as larval host plant)
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Re: What is this bush? Elderberry....wild grape???

Sorry, eric, definitely not viburnum or mahonia. Mahonia is oregon grape holly (or holly grape, I've seen it both ways), anyway it has those waxy leaves with points on them like holly does.

Those are both shrubs. Although OP mentioned bush, I'm thinking as applestar did that we are talking about a vine.

Brendaruth for future reference, it helps to show more of the plant. It is very difficult to identify berries, which are kind of non-descript. We need to also see pictures of entire leaves, plus how they cluster and grow out of the stems/ branches, and the general shape of the plant.

At first I wasn't thinking applestar was right, because the little pieces of leaves shown didn't match what I expected. But I looked at more pictures and I think yes, despite the lack of clues, applestar got it in one... good job.


I love virginia creeper. It is a native vine, very pretty, the birds like those berries, and the leaves get beautiful fll color:
Image ... per059.jpg

It is fast growing and very adaptable to sun or shade, different soils, etc. The fast growing is a plus and minus. It will give good coverage for covering a fence or blocking an ugly view, but you do have to watch it a bit for spreading in to your yard. But it is not nearly as aggressive as ivy and does not kill the trees it climbs.
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