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Super Green Plant Food Good for Bonsai?

Hi I purchased a Bonzai tree from a street vendor in NYC last week. However, her instructions to care for the tree were not clear. She said I purchase a plant food such as Super Green. I've purchased it, but I'm not sure how to apply it. I've also purchased a spray to mix the plant food.

I've been researching online and can't find anything that actually recommends plant food for the bonzai tree.

Any thoughts on if the plant food is beneficial? The one I purchased is Betterdecor Super Green Plant Food

https://www.amazon.com/Betterdecor-12-Bo ... 005DVFGZK/

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Re: Super Green Plant Food Good for Bonsai?

Inasmuch as you already have some. Somewhere on the bottle there has to be two things. 1. An application rate, oh like one tablespoon per gallon of water. And 2. a set of three numbers, like: 10-10-10, they list the big three soil nutrients. if it does not list an application rate, and the amount of nitrogen, potasium, phosphorus, it aint safe to use--just like a car with no headlights aint safe to drive. You won't know where your going.

Before you get too far ahead of yourself you need to practice sticking a chopstick into your trees soil and withdrawing it and checking it for moisture. If the chopstick is damp don't water today. If dry water from above liberally, and let drain on your dish drainer.

Yes, a tree needs access to fertilizer from May to October (usually at 1/4 strength, every two weeks), but it needs enough water every day it is to live. No water, no live.

Oddly enough too much water has about an equally dire result.

A photo may also get suggestions for its care.

I want you to get in the habbit of picking up and touching your tree every day. Both to look for its miseries, and to begining to note its future care.
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