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Trumpet vine container growing???

I have a slip on a dock at a marina and have had pretty fair luck container growing tomatoes, so I'd like to try some trumpet vine to try attracting hummingbirds. I already have some seeds sprouted and know it's late in the year, but I'm hoping it will end up being early for next year instead of too late in this one. If they die over the winter I'll start new seeds in spring, but if they make it through then they'll hopefully have an early start for next year.

I have a couple of basic questions. Is it best to only grow one plant per container like with tomatoes, and let it branch out for itself without having more than one plant compete with each other? Will one plant spread out and make more than one vine? Is a five gallon container large enough?

The soil I use for tomatoes is Miracle Grow potting mix. Is that as good as anything for trumpet vine too? That soil has worked GREAT for the tomatoes.

Should I let the vine get several inches long in a smaller pot, and then bury it along the surface of the final container so it spreads and sends up several more shoots, or won't it do that?

Thanks for any help!

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Sorry your post got missed. I have a couple trumpet creeper vines in containers. Is that the trumpet vine you meant or were you talking about trumpet honeysuckle? The trumpet honeysuckle would be more manageable. I haven't grown it in containers, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

I would put ONE per container, in a five gallon or larger container. It will not spread out and make more than one vine and I don't think it will put up new shoots by being buried. I have a trumpet honeysuckle that is planted in the ground that I have had for at least eight years, possibly ten. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger from a single trunk. It needs some kind of trellis for support.

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