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I know nothing - lawn


I am lost here but I found out how to post here.

when I was 27 I bought a little shack in a city and thought I would have a garden
and a nice lawn. Well, when I got home one day the slugs ate the few strawberries I grew and that was it I quit gardening. I kept buying lots of lawn seed especially at costco, huge bags of seed but still my lawn is very brown and sparse with grass because there are a few grass shoots growing.

My dream is to have a lawn before I die, like the rich people have but I live in a poor part of the city. I have a pitch fork for making hole in the ground to do it manually, I have shovels and rakes. etc. and a drum that you can fill with water and go over the soil to make it flat and compact. I grew up in Northern Canada and I lived with my parents in a trailer on 4 lots full of equipment but there was nothing growing in the 4 lots. I am now 64 and starting from scratch. I need help to do what is right in growing. The front yard is 30 feet by 50 feet facing looking out the window of the house I face north. The back of the property has a smaller lawn because there is a garage as big as my tiny shack so my grass there is 22 feet by 15 feet wide. I have probably given you all the wrong stuff so you can help me. I am not sure how I will find your answer to this post because I am not sure how this forum works. I have been told that the fall is the best time to fix the lawn and i have huge bag of new seeds from costxo so hopfully I can to something right. Cheers, and thanks for any feedback. I am going to click to click down below where it says notify me when a reply is posted in case that helps

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Re: I know nothing - lawn

Hi Adam - welcome to the Forum, so glad you found us! Whether you will get notified about the responses you get depends on what settings you made. But you can always come back to click on Gardening Forum, log back in (check the box that says to keep you logged in all the time) and then click on View Your Posts in upper right hand corner.

The first thing you have to tell us is where you are located, what the weather has been like, and whether your lawn is in sun, shade, part sun.

Your little patch of lawn does not need a huge bag of seeds or even a big bag of seeds. A small bag of seeds will do you just fine.

You don't need to be rich to have a nice lawn and garden. You do need to have patience, frustration tolerance and willingness to hang in there and keep learning and keep investing time and energy in it. So you have live in the same "little shack in the city" for over 30 years and never had a lawn?

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Re: I know nothing - lawn

That's right Adam. It's great to have a goal, but you need to take a few steps first to achieve it. If you take time to prepare the soil and amend it, fertilize and figure out how you are going to keep it watered it really helps.

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