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How far apart to place Viburnum?


I'm just getting into gardening this summer. I bought two viburnum plants from Lowes. One is an arrowwood and the other is a blue muffin. The arrowwood is smaller than the blue muffin.

I want to use the plants to create a sort of wall around my property for privacy.

Now, the tag on the arrowwood says that it grows to 10' by 10'. That's pretty big.

I assume that the blue muffin will also grow to a similar size?

So I should place them 20 feet apart? Or what? I've been looking at pictures of the plants on google image search. Because I kind of have a hard time believing that the little arrowwood would get to 10 feet. Some images like this


Thanks, this is my first post here.

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Re: How far apart to place Viburnum?

Viburnums come in a lot of different sizes. Blue muffin is a dwarf variety that gets 3 - 5 ft tall and wide at maturity. Arrowood is full sized and gets 6 - 15 ft tall and wide. Seems like it would be hard to make a consistent hedge mixing sizes like that.
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