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Tall hedge too thin

Hello, I live next to a number of other houses and the only thing separating my yard from the others is a hedge. The hedge is scraggley in some parts and thick in other parts. The neighbors on the other side have told me about 40 times that the one part of the hedge is thick because it is close to their tomato garden, which they water.

I recently cut down about one third of the height in an effort to try to get the rest of it to thicken up. It looks terrible right now since all the green was on the top and now it looks like branches. I'm not sure what kind of hedge it is. It grows from many stems coming out of the ground, like individual branches. If I can't thicken it up, I would like to replace it with another type of DENSE hedge. How would I go about doing that? Should I completely cut down this hedge or can I simply plant the replacement hedge in the same spot and wait for it to take over? If I should completely take out this hedge in replacing it, do I need to dig up the roots?

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Re: Tall hedge too thin

There is an excelent chance if your live in the northeast quadrant of the united states, that your hedge is boxwood or upright yew.

Both will as your neighbors have noted, do better with a regular supply of water. I'd like you to add some bark mulch also.

Woody plants need food and drink. they can live for hundreds of years if so supplied.

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