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Ficus Gingseng Bonsai Losing Leaves

Hello! I am a new member here and happy to have found this group. I do not seem to have a green thumb, but would like that to change so please bear with me as I tell you about my dilemma. I just bought 2 Ficus Gingseng Bonsais for our home. We wanted to put them in pots we had but needed more soil to fill the pots so we went to Home Depot. All they had left was miracle gro perlite and soil for succulents/cacti. The gardener said it was fine to mix these 2 as a base and just take the ficus out of their smaller containers and place that on top. Then to top it off with orchid stuff to keep the soil moist, but they look like bark and branches not really soil. So we've had them for a week and the one looks fine, but the others leaves are falling off. This whole concoction the guy recommended seems all wrong? So here I am in hopes of saving my beloved Ficus :(. I kept them by our patio door with the blinds down bc I thought they were not suppose to get direct sunlight. Since the window faces south, we get a lot of light so I didn't want to over expose them. However someone said I should keep the blinds up or perhaps leave them outside? I'm thoroughly confused. I put about 3 cups of water a day, since the soil feels dry, but I hope I am not overwatering? I love in Jersey City, NJ in the U.S. any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Ficus Gingseng Bonsai Losing Leaves

Does your pot have drain holes?

Figs are notorious for shedding leaves when there are environment or soil changes.

Put it out doors in full sunlight till late September.
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