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Lemon Balm Help!

My fiance planted some plants as wedding favors for our wedding, however the lemon balm isn't doing so good. It's starting to brown around the edges. I've read that it could be from too much sunlight, but it's in an east facing window that only gets partial light. We do put a grow light on them about once every other day or so too though. I've also read that they need good drainage, but we want them in mason jars for the favors. They get watered every couple of days. We checked the roots and they don't seem soggy or like they're rotting or have any bugs eating them. Any suggestions as to what we can/should do?? Thanks!

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Re: Lemon Balm Help!

Wow that's a tough one. Lemon balm outdoors is extremely easy to grow, to the point that it is becoming a weed in my yard. But indoors with poor light and poor drainage? Unless the wedding is coming up in a few days, I suggest you repot them in to small flower pots with drainage holes and then if you want the mason jars, just stick the flower pots in the jars. Then water can drain out of the pots into the bottom of the jar, but not be touching the soil.

Seems like a slightly odd choice. I like lemon balm and use it to make tea and jelly and in recipes. But I don't think it is an especially pretty plant and it is prone to getting the brown edges (like other mints). It won't be blooming and if it were the blooms aren't anything to write home about.

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If you like herb plants, rosemary, lavender, sage or thyme would be prettier -- little starts in little pots.
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