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Roses from Tyler, Texas

My son bought me several rose bushes in Tyler for Mothers Day (we live in a suburb northeast of Dallas) They are in full sun and are watered every 2-3 days. Summer has finally arrived which means we are in the upper 90's, triple digits are not far behind and high humidity. I have been taking off yellow leaves with either brown dried spots or black and some green leaves with black spots. What do we treat with? Fungicide? Do Tyler roses require different care? Should we work organic compost into the soil? Texas soil is good ol' clay. Will dog urine hurt them? Thank you.

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Hello texasnana,

Dog's urine will not do any huge demage to your roses.

Have you transplanted your roses? The yellow leaf might due to transplant shock. Blackspots are common during humid and hot season. Homemade compost tea will help to strengthen the plant.

Do not fertilize plant when the weather is very hot. Some mulching will be very helpful to your roses as it keeps the roots of the roses cool and moist.


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