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restarting cucumber production after overripe fruit?

I let some of the cucumbers on my vine get too mature. Now all the female flowers my vine produces are shrivelling instead of turning into real fruit.

Two questions:
1. Am I wrong in thinking these two are related? Similar question: when cucumber vines "shut down" because of overly ripened fruit, do they keep producing female flowers at all? I am currently looking at a vine with shrivelling flowers, not a vine with only leaves and tendrils
2. What can I do to get the plant producing again?!?!

I guess if i need to i can just plant some more... they grow quick enough

thanks :)

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Re: restarting cucumber production after overripe fruit?

Letting fruit mature on any plant will reduce production of new fruit. If your vine is still healthy and the tip is still growing then there is still a chance for more fruit. If the vine is still flowering and the flowers are drying up, how hot is it?

Most plants when under heat or drought stress will stop flowering or may abort fruit. The plant cannot waste energy producing flowers and fruit if it is has a hard time sustaining itself.

If the tip has stopped growing or if the flowers are being produced are mostly male, then the flowers will just shrivel up. If the tip has stopped growing the plant may be aging and it would be best to start another.
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Re: restarting cucumber production after overripe fruit?

Hi plasticat. Welcome.

Pollination issue? If flowers do not get pollinated they shrivel up.

How old are the plants and how hot has it been ?

If you edit your profile and add a location, it helps us to advise you. Things vary a bunch over the country depending on climate.

In my location it is too late for another crop, however it may not be where you are. Cukes come on fairly fast.
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