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Where can I get some Kudzu?

Hello everyone.

I'm currently living in Arkansas and I'm trying to get a hold of some Kudzu. I'm trying to grow it and feed it to put chickens to cut back on the food bill. We're also wanting to make some jelly out of the blossoms.

I know about it's invasive nature and how it grows extremely fast. I have already taken precautions to prevent the spread by concreting in a section of ground making sort of a large flower pot type of construction. It has hexagon chicken wire wrapped around it as well.

However, I can't find anyone that has any Kudzu. I've purchased 25 seeds but they are a pain to get to grow. I've scarified them and had about 5 sprouted but all died about a week later from damp off. It would be really nice if someone around Morrilton or Clinton Arkansas could give me a few slips, or if maybe someone could mail me some? I'd be willing to pay shipping or something.

I'd appreciate any help I can get.


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Re: Where can I get some Kudzu?

Use 'Bocking 14' cultivar of Russian Comfrey instead. Ducks and chicken love the stuff.


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Re: Where can I get some Kudzu?

I doubt if you will find any nursery that will grow, sell, save seed of, this noxious weed.

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Re: Where can I get some Kudzu?

I understand some people's hatrid toward this plant, but I believe it can be useful for it's incredible growth rate as long as it's *taken care of*. I've seen what happens when it is neglected and I won't allow that to happen.

I by no mean will allow the plant to get out of control, and want to experiment with it's uses and health benefits. I need to get some.though.

And thank you for the alternative for our chickens. If our search doesnt turn out we'll be on the lookout for it.

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Re: Where can I get some Kudzu?

We respect your understanding of the potential kudzu poses as an invasive plant.

However, kudzu, in all of its botanical varieties, has been listed on the Federal (USDA) Noxious Weeds List. Here's a definition from the USDA of both "weed" and "noxious weed":

"Weed: Any plant that poses a major threat to agriculture and/or natural ecosystems within the United States.

"Current Federal laws/regulations may contain several related definitions as follows:

"Noxious Weed: 'any plant or plant product that can directly or indirectly injure or cause damage to crops (including nursery stock or plant products), livestock, poultry or other interests of agriculture, irrigation, navigation, the natural resources of the United States, the public health, or the environment.' (Plant Protection Act).

"APHIS regulations in 7 CFR 360 currently list approximately 94 taxa that are defined as noxious weeds.

"Undesirable Plant Species: Plant species that are classified as undesirable, noxious, harmful, exotic, injurious, or poisonous, pursuant to State or Federal law. 'Species listed as endangered by the Endangered Species Act of 1973 shall not be designated as undesirable plants under this section and shall not include plants indigenous to an area where control measures are to be taken under this section.' §2814 of 7 U.S.C. 360; the Federal Noxious Weed Act (FNWA), the only part of FNWA remaining in effect. This section is now incorporated into the Plant Protection Act."

This is a composite listing of the Federal and State/Regional Noxious Weeds Databases. The scientific name for kudzu is Pueraria montana spp. (species); PUMO is the first kudzu listing in this alphabetical roll-call.

One of the goals of the Noxious Weed Program is to "Control (i.e., suppress, contain, or eradicate) populations of high risk weeds, minimizing impacts on agricultural production, natural resources, the environment, and human health." In this regard, distribution of cuttings, seeds, or other methods of propagating a federally noxious weed is prohibited, and this forum cannot be a party to such a transaction or to facilitating such a transaction.

Acronyms used in this post not identified elsewhere:

APHIS = Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
CFR = Code of Federal Regulations
U.S.C. = United States Code
USDA = U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Re: Where can I get some Kudzu?

Want kudzu? A short trip to W TN, MS or LA may be a gold mine!
Short of kudzu, comfrey has been mentioned. I have the regular comfrey, Symphytum officinalis both seeds and starts. As you have a contained area should do just fine.
Where are you in Arkansas? (perhaps I can throw some across The River to you!)

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