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Help---Cucumber Plant Yield Issue

I have a cucumber plant that is being a little difficult. I have dozens of little cucumbers that are about 1-1 1/2" long. This crazy plant will only mature one cucumber at a time. Once the mature cucumber is picked, it will grow another. But, one and only one mature cucumber at a time. Any idea why this is happening? We are growing the plant in a "Topsy Turvy" planter with another standard planter pot at the bottom. Hopefully, the picture in the link will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. The mature cucumber is on the bottom right side.

Thanks for any help.


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My cucumber is a a vine, vine cucumbers only mature one or two cukes at a time which works out for me. If you want a lot of cukes maturing at around the same time, bush cucumbers will do that better but you will get fewer total cukes that way. That or plant multiple vines.

I never had much luck with the topsy turvy, the planter holds such a small soil volume and the plants dry out to fast. Not to mention that the plants have to curve back up toward the light.

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That is why I plant multiple vines along my trellis. I direct sow the seeds and once they have their true leaves, I space the plants every 6 inches or so along a 16 ft. section of my 24 ft. long by 6 ft. high trellis. Today I picked 14 cucumbers. I've been averaging 15 or so cucumbers a week for several weeks now. Nothing like home grow cucs for that touch of sweetness you don't get in store bought ones.

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I suspect it is not getting enough sunlight.

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