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Palm Identification and Fruit

Hi all, I've got this palm growing in my yard and knowing some palms are deadly (sago's for example though I know they aren't really a "palm" one almost killed both my dogs) I wanted to find out what tree this is and see if I can figure out what kind of fruit (date?) is growing on it to know if it's edible/safe or not.

Here is a picture of the tree, thanks in advance! You should also be able to see the bunches of dates growing on it, it's quite productive. If you need better pictures or close ups let me know.


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Re: Palm Identification and Fruit

To me look like Phoenix palm...

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Re: Palm Identification and Fruit

There are over 800 palm species. Can you post a picture of the seed cluster. The way the seeds cluster and look can be clues to the identification.

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