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Help! My adenium obesum was over watered while I was away


Hoping someone can give me advice.

I found my adenium waterlogged when i arrived back home from a week away. I noticed its leaves were turning black from mould.

I have tried to dry it out (drained the water and placed it inside in a dry bright area).

I don't think the plant has rotted fully, but 2 days later, the soil is still very well.
Do you think i can save the plants life? I've had it for 5 years not (although it has never flowered).


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Re: Help! My adenium obesum was over watered while I was awa

If the leaves are black, I don't know that it can be saved.

But if you meant the soil is still wet (but 2 days later, the soil is still very well), I would get it out of that soil and repot in fresh dry soil. If your soil stayed wet that long, it probably wasn't the right soil for your desert rose anyway. Potting soil with peat is all wrong for them.

"When mixing soil for adeniums desert rose plants (non-seedlings), use 65% perlite, 10% coir, 10% sand/rock and 15% organic material such as top soil...If you are using store bought cactus mix, add additional perlite and sand/rock to make the mix coarser so water drains faster. Most cacti soils purchased in stores to much peat moss for your adeniums."
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