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How to save a dying apple tree

I have planted a tree by seed and after 1.5 years of growing, I put it in the ground. It has been in the ground for about 5 weeks and all the leafs died, the branches near the top are drooping down. and winter is coming soon. Another key item of advice was that the leafs were not brittle when they were brown and died, I do believe that because it rained hard for multiple days in a row, the tree drowned. Is it possible to bring the tree back to life??

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Re: How to save a dying apple tree

Did you grow the tree from seed in the house ? If so did you harden it off? Hardening off let's the plant go outside and slowly get introduced to the sun. No mater what light set up you have it is no match for the sun.

If not then I recommend protecting the plant. Keep it hydrated but not flooded and protect it for the winter. I transplanted a columnar aspen sucker last year it dropped all but one leaf and this year it is growing :)

Good luck

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