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Pale green cucumbers

I have planted Bonnie Burpless Hybrid Cucumbers in a five gallon container. After two months, plant is about 4 feet tall on a trellis, leaves are a nice dark green and lots of bright yellow flowers.

I have one cucumber about 6" long, two at 2" and a lot of cucumbers just starting but they are all a pale green rather that dark green. Everything looks great except for the pale green cucumbers.

Has been 95-100 degrees last month. I water twice a day.

This is my first year gardening and after a lot of research have found that if it can be done wrong I probably did it.

Wondering if someone can explain why cucumbers are a pale green?

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Re: Pale green cucumbers

I am going to suggest that it is the variety. Don't panic.

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Re: Pale green cucumbers

I find that if the variety is supposed to be dark, but a cucumber is light, it might be kind of bitter.

Eat one. You'll have plenty of cukes from the plant, so testing one won't be an issue!

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Re: Pale green cucumbers

Armenian cucumbers look pale green. They aren't actually cukes but a melon; take heat better than cucumbers, and the skin is tender so does not really need to be peeled. Does it look like the ones in the link? ... 00682.html

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