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Weeds Everywhere on My Lawn!!! :(

I have a small backyard, which has these predominant plants which has grow in patches, all over the lawn. Here are some of the picture of these plants. I am not sure if they are the same plant or different, but it would be appreciated if someone knows what plants are they and what is the best way to get rid of them.
If it helps i live in the Greater Area of Toronto.
Here are the picture,


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Re: Weeds Everywhere on My Lawn!!! :(

Looks like white clover to me.
In a healthy lawn it is a good thing. It is a legume. (produces nitrogen). Just simply mowing it will suppress it.
Other wise it can lead to a healthy lawn.
But if you want a weed free lawn then you will need to spray it with a broadleaf herbicide.
I myself would leave it.

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Re: Weeds Everywhere on My Lawn!!! :(

I agree. White clover, a nitrogen fixer, good for your lawn, and honeybees love those white blossoms. I wouldn't feel any need to get rid of it. It is a lawn, not a golf course! If you feel like you have to get rid of it, you are committing yourself to either serious poison on your lawn (don't let your kids or dogs play on it after that) or a ton of work digging it out or some of both.

Relax, live and let live! :)
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