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Transplanted grapevines

We took grapevines out of a friends house and transplanted them into our yard. There are two plants and both are more or less the same size/configuration. I realize getting these vines to grow may be an exercise in futility but I thought we'd try. We took out as much of the existing roots as was possible with one plant having a fair amount of root ball and the other not so much. I do not know lingo of grapevines so please excuse my terminology.

The base of the "trunk" is about 3-4" with two "branches" of about 1 1/2" separating about 18" off the ground. Each of these branches have been cut off at some point. These vines from what I have read so far were not treated right nor pruned right. We cut off a lot of clippings and left quite a few, not knowing how many or how much to cut off. I'm guessing we have about 10-15 "branches/vines" on each one, and they look like Medusa's head of snakes. On one plant there seems to be quite a bit of new growth since we planted them. On the other one there may be 1 or 2 new growth and these are sort of weak.

My question is do I cut all the "vines" off, back to the trunk? Or do I leave a couple on that has new growth? Where the new growth is, should I cut off the rest of the vine past the new growth? How many vines should I leave with new growth. I'd like to make these work so any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...Mike

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Re: Transplanted grapevines

I don't know about transplanting the whole vines but I would also root some clippings now while the plant is healthy just in case.

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