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lower leaves are turning yellow and brown


We just planted an "America" rose bush in a spot that gets a lot of shade and some dappled sun. It bloomed this week for the first time, which was exciting ... but now we've noticed the lower leaves are turning yellow and brown.

We've been watering it frequently, using Miracle Gro about once a week. We've had a dry spell so thought it best to water frequently.

Anyone have thoughts on what could be causing the lower leaves to die? A soil deficiency or too much water or ...?

Thank you!!

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Is your America a Rambler, Climber, or Hybrid Rugosa?

If it is a Rambler, it should be vigorous enough to within the shade, whereas, too heavy shade and over water might lead to root infection and contacting of diseases too.

Try not to fertilizer young planted rose too early, this can shock them rather than to help them. Allow the soil to stablize and for the plant to start stretching their roots. The yellow and brown leaves you have might due to transplant shock. Remove those withered leaves and keep the surrounding clean and airy. Consider mulching your rose then to water too often.

Roses need plenty of direct sunlight to stay healthy. Hope it helps.


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