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Primrose Question.

I planted or transplanted, I suppose, 2 Primrose. Soon after planting the flowers died. It has been near a month and no flowers or new growth as happened. The leaves are healthy and beautiful but there are no stems or any signs of new growth as far as a flower is concerned. (so sorry if the terms I am using are not the correct vernacular for gardening). All of the other plants in the garden are thriving, especially the marigolds. Are the Primroses done for? Is there any way I can help it produce new stems and flowers?

Thank you so much for any help.


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Re: Primrose Question.

It would depend on the type of primrose. If it's an English Primrose then it sounds like the plant is right on track! They prefer to bloom during cooler temps. You'll usually see them listed as "early spring to early summer" bloomers, however, mine started blooming at Christmas and continued through April. I wouldn't count on any more blooms this year, but it should be beautiful next Spring!

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