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Texas Yellow Trumpet Bush (Tecoma Stans)

I live in the Big Bend region of Texas and Tecoma Stans is a native plant species here in the desert. It is a shrub like native that develops a woody base. It is a rapid grower and the desert is what keeps it under control. It can easily reach six feet in height by the first frost of the following Fall with minimum water. Drought hardy. Will not survive sustained freeze. Any other region that experiences more than ten inches of rain per year will soon find this plant as a menace if not controlled or containerized. I have tried to take semi woody cuttings from this to start. I have used an aspirin dissolved in water and without an aspirin to no avail. The green stems remain green and the leaves are green and remain upright for a day. However, the stems begin turning dark brown beginning at the bottom and upwards. The leaves begin turning brown at the tips while still remaining unwilted. I will try to order willow shoots or bark to make a tea or use honey, however I would really appreciate any other advice from those with experience with this plant. I have began cuttings from all types of plants before and this is stumping me. I would rather stick with a natural or organic method. Thanks for any suggestions.


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