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Raspberry Bush - I'm Worried

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum and relatively new to growing fruits. My name is Adam Wolfe. I live in St Petersburg, FL (Zones 9-11). I bought this raspberry bush from a Green Thumb festival. I repotted it in a slightly larger 3 gallon pot with 1/2 unfertilized soil & 1/2 sphagnum peat moss. I purchased this stuff called Garden Magic which is a 3 step fertilizer system. It has organic granulated food, which I applied about a half cup of when I first purchased the plant on 4/27/13. Also mixed in some minerals with the soil. Also added some living organisms to the soil (its like a dark green liquid in the 3 step fert system). I recently put some Epsoma soil acidifier in it recently as my gauge is reading the acid at 6-7. I also watered it with some SuperThrive. I water it about once every 5-7 days depending on the rainfall. The plant had two bunches of flowers when I first bought it. They never bloomed. Just died at like half bloom. Now my leaves have been slowly turning brown on the edges and curling up. The new growth is going slow and seems to be healthy in some parts, but not in others. Does this look like chlorosis? The plant gets full sun and is on my patio about 8 ft high off the ground so it gets plenty of air flow.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Raspberry Bush - I'm Worried

I'm thinking that you are loving the plant to death. Raspberry plants are very tough and very easy to grow. The sphagnum moss may be retaining too much water. Here is my method. Take Stay Green potting soil, blend with about 20% perlite. Place in 3 gallon pot and place in morning sun location. Water once or twice weekly, but more often when temperatures are over 90 degrees. Basically forget about the plant other than watering. Give a little sprinkle of Osmocote after a few months. Cut back any old, spent canes. I've had plants grow and fruit for several years in 3 gallon or smaller sized pots while using this method.
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Re: Raspberry Bush - I'm Worried

As hendi says...Rasps need loads of water dureing their growing season ..but they hate wet feet. water logging of their root system rapidly brings in phytophthra which can cause root death quite quickly.
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Re: Raspberry Bush - I'm Worried

I agree. You are loving the plant so much it is dieing :P

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Re: Raspberry Bush - I'm Worried

As they said. Best to abuse. all I do with mine is water from time to time, cut back the old canes in the spring and let er go.

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Re: Raspberry Bush - I'm Worried

I'm relatively new too but I've got a raspberry bush...I'd recommend following the advice stated by other members and re-pot it in a bigger pot! It'll grow pretty rapidly and it needs room to do that, I've got a massive wooden trough and it flourished when I re-potted it in that.

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