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Soil test result and fertilizer

So here goes my first post :)

I got my soil test results and PH is high at 7.9 :( and the recommendation for fertilizer is 20-10-10.
I know it might be hard to find the exact formula but does anyone know if I can buy something close to it?
Any other advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

I live in Indiana and my lawn is combination of rye and bluegrass.

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Re: Soil test result and fertilizer

If you are doing grass
I would use 1lb 10-10-10 fertilizer
1/2 lb Sulfate of ammonia 21-0-0
for every lb of 20-10-10 recommend.

10-10-10 is sold at home depot the brand name is vigoro and it is an all purpose fertilizer
You may also be able to find an organic fertilizer that is 5-10-10 which will be close enough

Nitrogen is best applied in divided feedings so apply 1/2 lb of sulfate of ammonia for every pound of fertilizer recommended in the Spring. The sulfur in the sulfate of ammonia will also help the pH.

In the fall apply 1lb of 10-10-10 fertilizer for every lb that was recommended by the soil test.

It also would not hurt to aerate and top dress your lawn with a thin layer 1/4 inch of fine compost raked over the lawn. It greens up lawns quickly and the compost will help to buffer some of the pH problems.

Where are you. If the soil is naturally alkaline, compost and acidic fertilizers like sulfate of ammonia will help it. If the grass is growing in alkaline conditions and doing fairly well, then all you want to avoid is adding anything that would worsen alkalinity like lime.

If you want to quickly green the grass up you can foliar feed using a liquid fertilizer ( like miracle grow for acid loving plants) on the grass. Since the water soluble fertilizer can be taken up by the leaves and the roots it is less likely to get tied up in the soil. It should not be used as the main feeding. It is more expensive and in the long run not an efficient way feed the grass.

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