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My okra & tomatoe's are in to much shade.

I'm starting out at this gardening stuff and I pulled a stupid by planting my tomatoes and okra under trees and I was thinking I should move the tomatoes and okra the okra is about six inches high and I have heard that by now they should shoot up but there not and tomatoes arent growing very well ithere so I'm thinking I should move then but people are telling me that if I move the tomatoes there going to die and I shouldnt move the okra I should just plant new ones but I figured maybe I should move them and pray because its a little late to plant new things.

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I would be hesitant to move anything once it has reached a certain size. Moving them once they are established will at best stunt their growth, or put them on 'pause' for so long that it would almost be the same as starting with new plants. Depending on how deep the shade is where they are now, and the quality of the soil there, your best bet may be to fertilize them a little more than normal and let them be, and accept smaller plants, assuming that there is enough sunlight and growth to get them to bloom.

If you do decide to move them, remember to get as much of the soil underneath and around them as you possible can. The less roots you disturb or destroy can mean the difference in whether they live or die after being moved. You would probably also want to water them for at least several days after moving them. A good heavy mulch or ground cover around the new location wouldn't hurt at all.

Depending where you are located at, it may not be too late to replant at least the okra. It does well in summer heat - late planting may not produce as large a plant, but I know from experience here in North Georgia I have planted okra as late as middle June and had decent crops in the past, with some pampering and good luck with the weather.

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It's not a problem moving tomatoes, as long as you get a big hunk of soil with them so that you don't disturb the roots- but I've never done any good moving okra..the seedlings just keel over. They grow fast from seed anyway, so I would move the tomatoes and put a new lot of okra seeds in. As Roger my fellow okra grower says, a late crop is still OK- It's the first day of winter here in Australia, and I'm still picking okra :)

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