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Having trouble with a few plants.

My aloe vera, peppermint, and garden sage, specifically.

I think my aloe got baked in the hot sun, but I've moved it indoors, close to a south facing window that gets lots of sun, and it is continuing to wither. I water it whenever the soil, which is a special succulent mix, is completely dry. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

My peppermint was doing really well, then just started dying. I clipped off the dead growth, and new leaves have started growing. It is growing in Scotts Hyponex potting soil, and gets watered 2-3 times a week. I thought maybe the freak heat wave have baked it as well, so I moved it to the same window as the aloe.

The sage is in a large outdoor planter, with the same Hyponex soil as the mint. I have it sitting in a warm sunny spot, and water it about twice a week. It has not grown at all since I planted it a month ago.

Any tips or tricks?

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Re: Having trouble with a few plants.

I've read many poor reviews of Scotts Hyponex potting soil , may want to repot in some Pro-Mix or Sunshine Mix or similar. Also, if they're inside and still being watered 2-3 times a week that may be too much as well unless the potting mix has no water retention ability. My advice would be a potting mix change. Hope this helps.
From the Scotts website: ... BF21D4CB9C

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Re: Having trouble with a few plants.

Go away, spammer, I have already reported you...

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Re: Having trouble with a few plants.

Hyponex is not the best quality soil. MG potting soil, black gold, Gardener and Bloom are the better soil mixes here.

I use a lot of potting soil, so I prefer to make my own using 50% peat moss and 50% perlite plus osmocote slow release fertilizer. I have used this mix for years for everything. The peat provides good root support and the perlite can be decreased if you want a mix that holds more water. I have a lot of rain so I need a mix that can handle water everyday.

Some people are experimenting with other soil mixes and you can probably find other recipes.
I tried coir and it holds too much water as does mixes that have more than 20% compost in them. If I add compost to my mix, it is vermicompost.

For citrus trees I plant in pure black cinder. I fertilize with a slow release and citrus food when I get around to it. The black cinder will never contract in the pot and to keep citrus trees in pots for 15 years, aeration is the most important thing.

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