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Yikes, white stuff on my tomato plants?

I woke up this morning and took a good look at the 7 potted tomato plants I have growing on my deck. Looked great. But I came home this evening and found white spots around the edges of leaves on four of 7 plants (all different varieties). What is this stuff?

I'm worried that it showed up so quickly and would love to get a jump on stopping it if it's something I need to be concerned about.




The closets thing I've found in my online searches has been white powdery mildew, but these look different than most of what I saw so I'm just not sure. I scraped off a bit of the white stuff and took a look at it under a microscope but that didn't help me identify it. Thanks for any help :)

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Re: Yikes, white stuff on my tomato plants?

I think that the cat was drinking some milk, walked through the garden right after, and milk from its whiskers rubbed on the plant. What you are seeing is the dried milk.

Seriously, I've never seen anything like that on tomato plants. It doesn't seem to be damaging the leaves. I tend to think that some foreign agent simply blew, splashed, or was otherwise transferred to the leaves and don't think that it is likely to harm the plant. Perhaps rinse it off and just watch for a day or two.

Please post a new photo if the condition persists or starts changing in some way.

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