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Browning Bonsais

My name is Josh I am a new at growing bonsai trees and one of them is browning and I am not understanding why. My other two are green but I just found out that Bonsai trees aren't indoor trees or can they be? the website I was on said they weren't. so is that the reason why it's browning or do I need to repot the tree?

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Re: Browning Bonsais

but I just found out that Bonsai trees aren't indoor trees or can they be?
All trees are, by their very nature, outdoor trees. This is a general statement and different species will be more or less accommodating. Some species will do OK inside if you make the effort but by and large all potted trees are going to do better outdoors. If you are serious about indoor bonsai supplemental lighting is going to be necessary.

Please read this and add the requested information. Pictures would help too. ... 36&t=21636


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Re: Browning Bonsais

Bonsai is not a type of tree, it is the art of maintaining any tree in an artistic miniaturized form in a small pot. A large variety of trees and shrubs can be treated as bonsais, anything from pines, firs, oaks and elms, to ficus, cherry, azalea, etc. No one can tell you what your tree needs without knowing what kind of tree it is.

In general trees that grow in cold climates including pine, fir, juniper and deciduous trees like oak, maple etc cannot survive indoors, partly because they require cold winter dormancy.

Tropical trees that are adapted to year around warm temps, often can be grown as indoor trees, but you still need to know what kind of tree it is and what the conditions that tree needs are.

If you don't know what kinds of trees you have, post some pictures here and most likely someone will be able to identify them for you. Then read up on the care of that kind of tree - every tree variety has different needs.

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