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Help with Creeping Charlie

Two years ago I decided to switch to organic lawn maintenance. After one year of doing nothing (honestly, I did not know what to do), last spring I spread Corn Gluten Meal as a preemergent and fertilizer. It worked somehow on the weeds (crabgrass being the biggest problem), but I did not expect miracles since I just switched from chemicals to organic. However, in the middle of the summer I noticed a certain weed I have never seen before taking over a large area. I did not pay attention to it until fall when it took over killing all the grass around. I searched the internet for it and learned it was creeping Charlie. Last fall we did not apply anything to the soil.
This spring I noticed the ground ivy in other areas as well. Two weeks ago we stripped the ground of the soil containing the weed and reapplying fresh new top soil. A few days ago I noticed the, by now, familiar blue/purple flower almost all over the lawn and I realized that all that hard work of replacing the soil it was a waste. I cannot really afford to replace the entire grass on my lawn since it is about 3/4 acre. Is there any organic way to handle it? This year I applied aged chicken manure as fertilizer (I did not apply the Corn Gluten Meal since I believe is the origin of my problem) and I am using compost tea to strengthen the grass hopping it will get strong enough to fight the bad invader. A also dethatched and I am planning on aerating and seeding in fall. Is there any hope?

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Re: Help with Creeping Charlie

Since you didn't get an answer, here's one thread about creeping charlie ... 63#p299063

If you type creeping charlie into the Google custom search box above you will find a bunch more that has been written here about it.

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