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Gr! I need advice!!!!!~

GAH!!! Lately I will find like five Calosoma scrutator (aka the caterpillar hunter or fiery searcher) in my room they fly around and stink up my room. They also have been in my sisters room around her kids. What are some home rememidies to get rid of these little devil bugs??!?!?

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Re: Gr! I need advice!!!!!~

Hmmm... you put this in the composting forum. Does this have anything to do with compost? Are you by chance keeping a worm bin or something inside?

I ask because I looked your beetle up, never having heard of it. Very impressive "one of the largest ground beetles ... grows up to 1/5 inches." It seems like it would be an unusual thing to have inside, but they are attracted to decaying wood and leaves. The fall leaves in my worm bin seemed to harbor a variety of critters.

I don't know about home remedies, but it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to capture them in a jar and take them outside. In your garden they are good guys, eating gypsy moth larvae and other pests. ... archer.htm

Otherwise all I can suggest is be a very observant detective and try to figure out where they are coming from.

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