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bareroot strawberry plants

I just bought and planted about 50 bareroot strawberry plants. when I got them in the mail, I wet the roots since they needed to be kept moist till planting. the day I planted them, the roots appeared to be growing something out of them, just barely. I just thought they were becoming active. they have been in the ground now for about a week and a half and now I am noticing tiny leaves sprouting up around the roots of the plants. my neighbor also gave me some dug up strawberry plants from her friend and I planted those on my patio in pots of store bought soil and they are doing the same thing. little leaves sprouting up around roots. I dug one up just to make sure. it is different than the growth coming from the crown. this is my first time growing strawberrys. anyone have an idea what this is? I thought weeds, but is it possible to grow weeds in store bought soil in only a week and a half? are my roots deep enough? do plants grow from just the crown? thanks :D

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