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Rose question

My hubby and I stopped by his parents old homeplace today and I saw his mothers old roses had started to bloom. Sincew she has passed away,, I thought it would be nice if we had some to plaqnt in our yard. Well I cut some long shoots off and brought them home , PLanted them and all. Then I read that it is the wrong time of year to ttransplant in my area. Will they still live or will I have to wait till this winter and try again.

PS I am In North Georgia

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I wouldnt say I was an expert but if your taking cutting you need hormone rooting gel like clonex. Get a book out on roses in the library it helped me so much. In the winter they need cut back and they will star to grow again in the spring.

I keep mine in the conservatory and when they get to big they go outside as I always like to look at the roses all year round.

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how can I get a new rose bush to go o ya and iam new to this form please help :cry:

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I've used Shultz's & Rootone for years and had really good results.

1) For your cutting use a branch that has a flower that is faded &/or dried up.
2) Strip all but 2-4 mature leaves off the cutting. Dip the cut end in rooting hormone.
3) With a pencil poke a hole in the moist soil in a plastic cup/3-4" container/whatever, carefully place the cutting in the hole without knocking off the hormone, firm the soil around it.
4) Place cutting & container in a ziplock baggie/an empty aquarium/a 3 liter coke bottle/whatever and seal. Since the cutting doesn't have any roots it can only 'drink' through it's leaves thus you have to keep it in a humid environment.
5)Place your mini greenhouse in bright, indirect light and wait. When you see new growth you can start trying it outside it's humid 'room'. Once it's leaves can stay torpid w/o high humidity you have a plant!

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