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catnip types

Hello, I live in Massachusetts and I am wondering if there is any type of catnip that will do well in the colder weather? Not freezing but cold. I would like to grow catnip all year-hoping that there is a hearty plant that can survive temps in the 40s? any one know of any such type of catnip?
charlie sam

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...hmmm tricky question...
...catnip ... Nepeta x faassenii variety ...
...look at this one...

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I live in Wisconsin and have never had a problem growing catnip. I just bought some at the local nursery or used Burpee seeds in the past.

Beware, also... catnip is a weed and WILL take over your whole garden. The stuff is hard to kill--- I have even found it growing in a 0.25"-0.5" layer of dirt in a puddle in our concrete parking lot. I highly recommend planting it in a container.

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