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Strawberries 2 - Is the snow killing them?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the Helpful Gardener forum. I hope to have some fun here and share my own gardening experience as well.

I have a question about my strawberries. They are planted in one of my flowerbeds in the backyard. I always thought strawberries were hardy here in the Netherlands, but last week it has been freezing and snowing a lot.

The plants are covered with a lot of snow and it has been -12 Celsius degrees (about 55 Fahrenheit) at night all week.

Can I look forward to beautiful red and juicy strawberries this year or did I make a huge mistake by not protecting the plants?
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nadda problem - presuming they've not bloomed yet !

strawberries are quite hardy - my patch has been under snow, ice, sleet - you name it.

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Snow is a first class insolator against frost GFN and your plants will be fine.
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Welcome to the forum!

Like others have said they should be fine. Next year you may want to cover them with mulch. In fact, like Jona said the snow cover is acting like a mulch for you.

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They will even produce better in the spring for having a period of dormancy under the snow. It doesn't snow where I live and if I want good berries I have to cut down the plants and dig out the roots and put them in fridge in the winter, otherwise they're too sporadic to bother. :roll:
Aren't you glad you're getting snow? :lol:

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