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Welcome all to 2013 - Looking for different tomato types

I am in Dallas area, had a really good tomato year last year thanks to traders on this forum. If I traded with you, appreciate it.

My star tomatoes were:
German Giants - Produced very well
Rutgers - Did very well
Purple Tomatilloes - I have to say the myth about 1 plant not producing is false, I only had 1 plant in the garden, and I got about 350 tomatoes from it in the fall since I started it late and it missed the Dallas summer time. The bees loved it and were all over it.
Hungarian Giant - another big tomato and good producer

For those who are around this area, I never see any new tomato starts in June, July, August months, so timing is critical when doing seeds in Dallas. Enough about last year, now the trade options:

Looking for:
different tomato types

Have for trade:
Rutgers tomatoes
Red thai hot pepper
Kale pods that I let go to seed (lots)
Chinese hot peppers
Purple tomatillo
Yellow Pear

Also have wild blackberries I could send some cuttings from. They grow wild across the street from me and taste very good, as they are likely native to the area. I have propagated them with good success.

Just fyi, I only have limited quantities of some of them, so I usually like to trade about 10 for 10 of a kind.

Let me know if interested in a trade?

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I am dying to try tomatillos but all I have to offer are red rosa and black zebra. I have ordered white currant and green grape though and am willing to share.

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Have you seen HelpfulGardener's tomato seed giveaway?

https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/v ... hp?t=50133

Also please note webmaster's request that people not offer or solicit cuttings and live plants for swap:

https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/v ... hp?t=50126

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Won't offer things like that anymore, sorry.

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