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Norway Spruce

I recently put an order in for 12 Norway Spruce. They are 2-3 feet in size. I had a few questions about planting them.

First off, a very general question, how should I plant them. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. (depth, mulch, etc.

Secondly, The reason I bought these trees is to create a screen. I don't need a solid wall, but I'd like some sort of break up from my yard and the neihbors in about 4 or 5 years. The trees are 3-4 feet now, how far apart should I plant the trees, what's common?

Thanks for any help!

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I live in northwest NJ and the soil here is clay and acidic. I planted two 4 ft. norways last year. I dug the hole the depth of the root ball and twice the width. I mixed the native soil w/ peat moss, top soil from Lowes, and some sand. I planted them about 15 ft apart. Supposedly they grow 3 feet a year but I have yet to witness that. The deer started eating the sides of them over the winter and I thought they were dead but I pruned them a couple wks ago and noticed new growth at the ends already. I never fertilize them or anything. I wish I had them enclosed from the deer but I heard they don't eat norways. I guess they were hungry. Next winter I'll put fencing around them. Either that or get a shotgun! Anyway, norways seem to be pretty tough trees!


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