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New Here with ????? Pool designing

:D Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I enjoy forums and had some gardening questions so here I am

I am putting in a 24ft. above the ground pool. The pool is octagon shaped and is about 4ft. tall. I would like to put a flowerbed in around the pool. I would like to plant perennials and a few annuals for color. The area will get approx. 6 hours of full sun and the remaining will be sun filtered to shaded.

The pool will have pool chemicals in it. I don't anticipate much water splashing out onto the beds but it is a possibility. I would like suggestions on what type plants would be good for the area around the pool.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Almost anything that would like the occasional splash of water would most certainly not like the chemical cocktail that water would contain. I would suggest a nice wide border of pea gravel and use that area to showcase your collection of garden statuary, driftwood, etc. Anything that would tolerate the chemicals would probably be an invasive for the rest of the neighbourhood. Sorry. Besides, if you (God forbid) ever get a tear in the liner, wind damage, etc., it's a royal pain to have to fight for access through plantings. How about getting a local budding artist to airbrush a mural around the outside, and throw some LED waterproof rope lighting under the rail for night viewing? Make that mural a garden scene and there you go--all of the colour and interest with none of the work. Just a thought.

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