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Fukien Growing Conditions

I'm new to the Bonsai world (and gardening for that matter) so first off I want to say hi to everyone and thank you in advance for any and all advice you provide. I recently received a beautiful Fukian Tea Tree from my grandmother who always has known of my interest in Bonsai trees. I have done a TON of reading since receiving the tree, but I still can't seem to shake the nervousness that I am not doing something right. I really don't want to kill such an amazing tree from carelessness or failure to ask for help.

My main concern now is the growing conditions the tree will have to endure in my office. While I do get some sunlight, I probably do not get enough due to being in a high rise that faces other buildings. As you can see below, I have the tree currently placed on my desk below a 3ft GE F30T12/CW/RS flourescent bulb. I have this on a timer to keep the tree lit for 16 hours per day (just set the timer 5 minutes ago so I can easily change the settings).

I know this particular tree likes to almost completely dry out before waterings, but I don't think I have perfected this as of yet. I'm a little worried about the long weekend. I watered the tree yesterday, but after today I won't be back in the office until Wednesday. It will get light Thanks to the timer, but can it last workout water that long? Should I water again today despite obviously going against the over watering policy I just spoke of?

Again I really do already love this tree and any advice for it's care is welcome. I've read a lot of the forums here, but it is always reassuring to hear from those who have seen your actual tree. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting everyone.

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I'm new to bonsai myself (only about a year into it) and i also have a Fukien Tea tree.

FT's are VERY finicky, they like a lot of light, and humidity. Keeping up humidity level at an office building with heating running a lot in winter time, might be difficult. I mist my tree several times a day. When i go on trips and my bf has to take care of my tree it usually starts to loose leaves a bit, because of lack of humidity, but then when i return, and resume misting several times a day, it comes back pretty quickly.

Also if your tree isn't getting any natural light, it will need a lot of artificial light (mine is under 16 hours of light).

There is a thread on this forum somewhere about someone else keeping a FT in their office, i did a quick search but couldn't find it.

anyway from my limited experience i would say that an office may not be the best place for it, but maybe it will work out for you

Good luck!
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In your 3rd pic I noticed white spots on the leaves. check the underside to make sure you do not have a piercing/sucking insect infestation.

Good luck and happy new year
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