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Need HELP!! Peppers not HOT!!

I have two question about my vegetable garden. The first is I'm growing several different variety of hot peppers but they are not hot. The varieties are jalapeño, Thai hot, and Serano. Is there a possible problem with my soil or too much water? Last year I grew jalapeno and they were not hot so I assumed I got the mild variety by accident. Now I'm not sure what the problem is with 3 different varieties not being hot. The plant are nice and healthy putting out good fruit other than not being hot. I also have a tomato plant that has got some yellowing on the top with the new growth from the stem out to the leaves. These plants also look healthy and have fruit on them that looks fine. I've just noticed this yesterday so it has just started and it is on about 4-5 other tomato plants.

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Too much water can do that

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